How it Works

Welcome to At First Sight; a matchmaking service like no other. Build your profile for free and subscribe to meet people looking for the same things as you. Check out the steps below.

01 We get to know

Create your profile. We'll ask you to upload a recent picture and video (for verification), before selecting your match preferences. No one but the At First Sight team will see these details.

02 Selecting your matches isn't just
our job; it's our passion

We’ll work hard in the background so you can get on with your day, safe in the knowledge you’ll soon be meeting someone who we’re sure you’ll have a great dinner date with. 

03 Schedule your date
with perfect match

Once we’ve found your best match, we’ll work with you to schedule the dinner date. Our aim is to ensure you have a great evening and some worthwhile conversation, with someone who shares your interests and values. 

04 Meet your date
face to face

When you arrive at our partner restaurant, you’ll be personally greeted, shown to your table and introduced to your date. As both of you would have paid for your meal before arriving, all there is to do is enjoy each others company, eating some great food.

05 Contact us with feedback
after your date

How did you get on? Would you like to meet your date again? If so, provided they feel the same way, we can facilitate that. You can even put your subscription on pause to allow you time to get to know each other more. 

06 Have

Dating should be fun! There’s nothing more exciting than belly laughing with someone on the same level as you. Go register now to build your profile. Subscribe to make some real connections.