About Us

At First Sight provides an affordable way of making  regular offline dating connections, with the convenience of an online subscription. Those who join will have fun, meeting matches for blind dinner dates at our partner restaurant, bringing some mystery back to their dating experience.  We can't promise you'll meet "the one"  but we'll work hard to match you with someone who's company you'll enjoy, without comprimising your safety. 

As a London based company specialising in solid introductions, we know first hand how meeting the right person can sometimes feel overwhelming. Online dating fraud is prevelant. Unfortunately, not everyone you meet behaves appropriately. How do you see people for who they really are? The truth is, you're probably never going to see this on a first date.  Your safety however, is non-negotiable. 

Our membership packages allow you to date in a safe way by using the following features:

  • Online Profiles Not Visible to other members and there is no opportunity within the platform to communictae with any matches. We also strongly discourage the swapping of contact information on the date itself. 
  • ID Verification –  Our partner restaurant will verify your ID when you arrive, discreetly checking against the photo you upload during the sign-up process.  There is also a requirement for members to provide video verification when completing their profile. 
  • Feedback Function -  This is a key feature, fostering constructive feedback about the date itself.  All members must adhere to our behavioural code of conduct, both on the date and when supplying feedback. Anyone not following the code, risks revocation from the process.

Our members must also ensure the guidelines below are followed: 

  • Report Suspicious Behaviour – Following your date, use the feedback function if your match hasn't followed the code of conduct, or if they behaved in a manner that you find suspicious.
  • Money – As you will have already paid for your date, don’t give money to any other members and under no circumstance, pass on your bank details.
  • Personal Information – We will only share your first name and date of birth with the person we set you up on a date with. We strongly discourage sharing any personal information whilst on your date, including your telephone number, social media handle, home address or where you work.  
  • Drink Responsibly - Or even better, Stay Sober – Don’t impair your judgment with the excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Friends and Family – All dates take place in a public restaurant, but please let others know when and where you are meeting. 
  • Plan your Journey Home - Our partner restaurant(s) will always be a within short walking distance of public transport services. Ensure you know the times for your travel connections, as well as licensed Taxi or PHV services for your area.